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Acıbadem Projesi

Lacquered joint details and black painted glass were preferred for the TV unit in the living room design of our turnkey project in Tuzla. Marble was used on the lower base. L armchair and 2 leather upholstered armchairs were used in the sitting area. Coating applied on the center stand. An extra sitting area was created and a smoked glass coffee table with metal legs was used there.

Sapphire Residence Projesi

In our 35 m2 living room project, the walls were covered with lacquered panels. To create a comfortable sitting area, 2 poufs were used as an L armchair and an auxiliary seating area. On the middle table, a lacquered round model was preferred. The design was completed by combining 2 different porcelain models and coatings on the TV unit.

Yeşilköy Projesi Projesi

In our living room project, which is 50 m2, we preferred the wall covering panels in light colors and wooden joints were applied in the bookcase. In the living room where a basic model L armchair is used, metal and marble were preferred for the middle coffee table. For the design of the TV unit, 2 different models of porcelain were used and supported with lacquered joints.

Tuzla Villa Projesi

In our 50 m2 living room, which we designed and implemented, the seating area was completed with an L armchair and 2 armchairs. On the middle table, it was integrated with the sitting area by using metal legs and clear glass. In the TV unit, 3 different colors were used, gray lacquered panel on the wall and black and white veined marble in the area where the TV is placed.

Bostancı Projesi

Fuga and lacquered panels were used in the TV unit of our 45 m2 living room project. It was finished by applying ceramic for the base. An eye-catching library design was made behind the L armchair in the sitting area. In the dining area, a 6-person session was applied with a plain porcelain table. A section that can be used both as a closet and a service area has been created in the same area.

Suadiye Projesi

In our 25 m2 bedroom project, a minimalist design and a simple headboard were preferred by using as few items as possible in the large area. A comfortable sitting area was created with 2 armchairs. In the cabinet, a lacquered design was applied with some clear glass and the remaining parts open.

Büyükçekmece Projesi

In our bedroom design, which is 20 m2, lacquer and veneer panels were used on all walls, starting from the back of the bed. In order to create a more spacious area in the cabinetry part, some areas were left open and glass was used in the remaining parts. LED lights were applied to all shelves. The energy of the room was increased by using a bold color on the bed, base and headboard to add a liveliness.

Kadıköy Projesi

In our 25 m2 bedroom project, wallpaper and a led joint joint panel were applied to the wall behind the headboard. Fuga and fabric covering were preferred for the nightstands. 2 armchairs were used as sitting area. In cabinetry, a stylish design was created with led lighting on all shelves and hangers by applying smoked glass on the doors.

Maltepe Projesi

In the design of the 30 m2 living room of our turnkey project in Caddebostan, two different tones of coating were used in the area where we will place the TV, starting with the joint in the TV unit. Porcelain was used on the base designed as lacquer. L armchair and 2 loveseat model armchairs were preferred in the living area.